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  Abby Kent Flythe's journey into the unique world of American Indian Art can be traced from a love of collecting as a child growing up in Lancaster, Pa.  Being immersed in the world of antiques and traveling to the southwest with her parents she came by the interest honestly.  Graduating with a BA in Art History in the 80's she was assistant to the curator for The Stux Gallery, a Boston MA contemporary art gallery.  She assisted in the opening of their new gallery in Soho in 1986, but wasn't convinced that she wanted to move to New York.  She was subsequently able to focus on her true passion for Native American Jewelry by accepting a position as Manager for the Indian Craft Shop in the Dept. of the Interior.  She continued managing their shop in Georgetown, an association that lasted nine and a half years.  During that time she  identified and evaluated jewelry for the Smithsonian Institution, as well as certified appraisers and collectors throughout the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. 

  Abby is currently the proprietor of her own business Abby Kent Flythe Fine Art specializing in vintage to contemporary jewelry.  The business has over a fifteen year history of conducting shows, and speaking as guest lecturer for Gemological Societies in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.  Pieces from the inventory as well as her personal collection are included in numerous publications from the 1960's to the present.